kim vatmaja-vislesa-jvara-dava-dahana-sikhabhir upatapyamana-hrdaya-sthala-nalinikam mam upasrta-mrgi-tanayam sisira-santanuraga-gunita-nija-vadana-salilamrtamaya-gabhastibhih svadhayatiti ca.
kim va—or it may be; atma-ja—from the son; vislesa—because of separation; jvara—the heat; dava-dahana—of the forest fire; sikhabhih—by the flames; upatapyamana—being burned; hrdaya—the heart; sthala-nalinikam—compared to a red lotus flower; mam—unto me; upasrta-mrgi-tanayam—to whom the son of the deer was so submissive; sisira-santa—which is so peaceful and cool; anuraga—out of love; gunita—flowing; nija-vadana-salila—the water from its mouth; amrta-maya—as good as nectar; gabhastibhih—by the rays of the moon; svadhayati—is giving me pleasure; iti—thus; ca—and.
After perceiving the moonshine, Maharaja Bharata continued speaking like a crazy person. He said: The deer’s son was so submissive and dear to me that due to its separation I am feeling separation from my own son. Due to the burning fever of this separation, I am suffering as if inflamed by a forest fire. My heart, which is like the lily of the land, is now burning. Seeing me so distressed, the moon is certainly splashing its shining nectar upon me—just as a friend throws water on another friend who has a high fever. In this way, the moon is bringing me happiness.
According to Ayur-vedic treatment, it is said that if one has a high fever, someone should splash him with water after gargling this water. In this way the fever subsides. Although Bharata Maharaja was very aggrieved due to the separation of his so-called son, the deer, he thought that the moon was splashing gargled water on him from its mouth and that this water would subdue his high fever, which was raging due to separation from the deer.

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