asadita-havisi barhisi dusite mayopalabdho bhita-bhitah sapady uparata-rasa rsi-kumaravad avahita-karana-kalapa aste.
asadita—placed; havisi—all the ingredients to be offered in the sacrifice; barhisi—on the kusa grass; dusite—when polluted; maya upalabdhah—being scolded by me; bhita-bhitah—in great fear; sapadi—immediately; uparata-rasah—stopped its playing; rsi-kumaravat—exactly like the son or disciple of a saintly person; avahita—completely restrained; karana-kalapah—all the senses; aste—sits.
When I placed all the sacrificial ingredients on the kusa grass, the deer, when playing, would touch the grass with its teeth and thus pollute it. When I chastised the deer by pushing it away, it would immediately become fearful and sit down motionless, exactly like the son of a saintly person. Thus it would stop its play.
Bharata Maharaja was constantly thinking of the activities of the deer, forgetting that such meditation and diversion of attention was killing his progress in spiritual achievement.

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