kṣvelikāyāṁ māṁ mṛṣā-samādhināmīlita-dṛśaṁ prema-saṁrambheṇa cakita-cakita āgatya pṛṣad-aparuṣa-viṣāṇāgreṇa luṭhati.
kṣvelikāyām—while playing; mām—unto me; mṛṣā—feigning; samādhinā—by a meditational trance; āmīlita-dṛśam—with closed eyes; prema-saṁrambheṇa—because of anger due to love; cakita-cakitaḥ—with fear; āgatya—coming; pṛṣat—like drops of water; aparuṣa—very soft; viṣāṇa—of the horns; agreṇa—by the point; luṭhati—touches my body.
Alas, the small deer, while playing with me and seeing me feigning meditation with closed eyes, would circumambulate me due to anger arising from love, and it would fearfully touch me with the points of its soft horns, which felt like drops of water.
Now King Bharata considers his meditation false. While engaged in meditation, he was actually thinking of his deer, and he would feel great pleasure when the animal pricked him with the points of its horns. Feigning meditation, the King would actually think of the animal. and this was but a sign of his downfall.

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