api svid akrta-sukrtam agatya mam sukhayisyati harina-raja-kumaro vividha-rucira-darsaniya-nija-mrga-daraka-vinodair asantosam svanam apanudan.
api svitwhether it will; akrta-sukrtamwho has never executed any pious activities; agatyacoming back; mamto me; sukhayisyatigive pleasure; harina-raja-kumarahthe deer, who was just like a prince because of my taking care of it exactly like a son; vividhavarious; ruciravery pleasing; darsaniyato be seen; nijaown; mrga-darakabefitting the calf of the deer; vinodaihby pleasing activities; asantosamthe unhappiness; svanamof his own kind; apanudandriving away.
That deer is exactly like a prince. When will it return? When will it again display its personal activities, which are so pleasing? When will it again pacify a wounded heart like mine? I certainly must have no pious assets, otherwise the deer would have returned by now.
Out of strong affection, the King accepted the small deer as if it were a prince. This is called moha. Due to his anxiety over the deers absence, the King addressed the animal as though it were his son. Out of affection, anyone can be addressed as anything.

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