ye tv iha va andhavata-kusula-guhadisu bhutani nirundhanti tathamutra tesv evopavesya sagarena vahnina dhumena nirundhanti.
yepersons who; tubut; ihain this life; vaor; andha-avataa blind well; kusulagranaries; guha-adisuand in caves; bhutanithe living entities; nirundhanticonfine; tathasimilarly; amutrain the next life; tesuin those same places; evacertainly; upavesyacausing to enter; sagarenawith poisonous fumes; vahninawith fire; dhumenawith smoke; nirundhanticonfine.
Those who in this life confine other living entities in dark wells, granaries or mountain caves are put after death into the hell known as Avata-nirodhana. There they themselves are pushed into dark wells, where poisonous fumes and smoke suffocate them and they suffer very severely.

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