yasyaiva hi naga-raja-kumarya asisa asasanas carv-anga-valaya-vilasita-visada-vipula-dhavala-subhaga-rucira-bhuja-rajata-stambhesv aguru-candana-kunkuma-pankanulepenavalimpamanas tad-abhimarsanonmathita-hrdaya-makara-dhvajavesa-rucira-lalita-smitas tad-anuragamada-mudita-mada-vighurnitaruna-karunavaloka-nayana-vadanaravindam savridam kila vilokayanti.
yasyaof whom; evacertainly; hiindeed; naga-raja-kumaryahthe unmarried princesses of the serpent kings; asisahblessings; asasanahhoping for; carubeautiful; anga-valayaon the sphere of His body; vilasitagleaming; visadaspotless; vipulalong; dhavalawhite; subhagaindicating good fortune; rucirabeautiful; bhujaon His arms; rajata-stambhesulike columns of silver; aguruof aloe; candanaof sandalwood; kunkumaof saffron; pankafrom the pulp; anulepenawith an ointment; avalimpamanahsmearing; tat-abhimarsanaby contact with His limbs; unmathitaagitated; hrdayain their hearts; makara-dhvajaof Cupid; avesadue to the entrance; ruciravery beautiful; lalitadelicate; smitahwhose smiling; tatof Him; anuragaof attachment; madaby the intoxication; muditadelighted; madadue to intoxication with kindness; vighurnitarolling; arunapink; karuna-avalokaglancing with kindness; nayanaeyes; vadanaand face; aravindamlike lotus flowers; sa-vridamwith bashfulness; kilaindeed; vilokayantithey see.
Lord Anantas arms are attractively long, beautifully decorated with bangles and completely spiritual. They are white, and so they appear like silver columns. When the beautiful princesses of the serpent kings, hoping for the Lords auspicious blessing, smear His arms with aguru pulp, sandalwood pulp and kunkuma, the touch of His limbs awakens lusty desires within them. Understanding their minds, the Lord looks at the princesses with a merciful smile, and they become bashful, realizing that He knows their desires. Then they smile beautifully and look upon the Lords lotus face, which is beautified by reddish eyes rolling slightly from intoxication and delighted by love for His devotees.
When males and females touch each others bodies, their lusty desires naturally awaken. It appears from this verse that there are similar sensations in spiritual bodies. Both Lord Ananta and the women giving Him pleasure had spiritual bodies. Thus all sensations originally exist in the spiritual body. This is confirmed in the Vedanta-sutra: janmady asya yatah [SB 1.1.1]. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura has commented in this connection that the word adi means adi-rasa, the original lusty feeling, which is born from the Supreme. However, spiritual lust and material lust are as completely different as gold and iron. Only one who is very highly elevated in spiritual realization can understand the lusty feelings exchanged between Radha and Krsna, or between Krsna and the damsels of Vraja. Therefore, unless one is very experienced and advanced in spiritual realization, he is forbidden to discuss the lusty feelings of Krsna and the gopis. However, if one is a sincere and pure devotee, the material lust in his heart is completely vanquished as he discusses the lusty feelings between the gopis and Krsna, and he makes quick progress in spiritual life.

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