eta hy eveha nrbhir upagantavya gatayo yatha-karma-vinirmita yathopadesam anuvarnitah kaman kamayamanaih.
etah—all these; hi—indeed; eva—certainly; iha—in this universe; nrbhih—by all living entities; upagantavyah—achievable; gatayah—destinations; yatha-karma—according to one’s past activities; vinirmitah—created; yatha-upadesam—as instructed; anuvarnitah—described accordingly; kaman—material enjoyment; kamayamanaih—by those who are desiring.
My dear King, as I heard of it from my spiritual master, I have fully described to you the creation of this material world according to the fruitive activities and desires of the conditioned souls. Those conditioned souls, who are full of material desires, achieve various situations in different planetary systems, and in this way they live within this material creation.
In this regard, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura sings,
anadi karama-phale, padi’ bhavarnava-jale,
taribare na dekhi upaya
“My Lord, I do not know when I commenced my material life, but I can certainly experience that I have fallen in the deep ocean of nescience. Now I can also see that there is no other way to get out of it than to take shelter of Your lotus feet.” Similarly, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu offers the following prayer:
“My dear Lord, son of Nanda Maharaja, I am Your eternal servant. Somehow or other, I have fallen into this ocean of nescience. Kindly, therefore, save me from this horrible condition of materialistic life.”

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