murdhany arpitam anuvat sahasra-murdhno
bhu-golam sagiri-sarit-samudra-sattvam
anantyad animita-vikramasya bhumnah
ko viryany adhi ganayet sahasra-jihvah
murdhani—on a hood or head; arpitam—fixed; anu-vat—just like an atom; sahasra-murdhnah—of Ananta, who has thousands of hoods; bhu-golam—this universe; sa-giri-sarit-samudra-sattvam—with many mountains, trees, oceans and living entities; anantyat—due to being unlimited; animita-vikramasya—whose power is immeasurable; bhumnah—the Supreme Lord; kah—who; viryani—potencies; adhi—indeed; ganayet—can count; sahasra-jihvah—although having thousands of tongues.
Because the Lord is unlimited, no one can estimate His power. This entire universe, filled with its many great mountains, rivers, oceans, trees and living entities, is resting just like an atom on one of His many thousands of hoods. Is there anyone, even with thousands of tongues, who can describe His glories?

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