yan-nama srutam anukirtayed akasmad
arto va yadi patitah pralambhanad va
hanty amhah sapadi nrnam asesam anyam
kam sesad bhagavata asrayen mumuksuh
yat—of whom; nama—the holy name; srutam—heard; anukirtayet—may chant or repeat; akasmat—by accident; artah—a distressed person; va—or; yadi—if; patitah—a fallen person; pralambhanat—out of joking; va—or; hanti—destroys; amhah—sinful; sapadi—that instant; nrnam—of human society; asesam—unlimited; anyam—of other; kam—what; sesat—than Lord Sesa; bhagavatah—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; asrayet—should take shelter of; mumuksuh—anyone desiring liberation.
Even if he be distressed or degraded, any person who chants the holy name of the Lord, having heard it from a bona fide spiritual master, is immediately purified. Even if he chants the Lordís name jokingly or by chance, he and anyone who hears him are freed from all sins. Therefore how can anyone seeking disentanglement from the material clutches avoid chanting the name of Lord Sesa? Of whom else should one take shelter?

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