krcchrat samstabhya ca manah
prema-vihvalitah sudhih
sasamsa nirvyalikena
bhavenesam prajapatih
krcchrat—with great endeavor; samstabhya—pacifying; ca—also; manah—mind; prema-vihvalitah—bewildered by love and affection; su-dhih—one who has come to his real senses; sasamsa—praised; nirvyalikena—without duplicity, or with great love; bhavena—in feeling; isam—to Lord Siva; prajapatih—King Daksa.
At this time, King Daksa, afflicted by love and affection, was very much awakened to his real senses. With great endeavor, he pacified his mind, checked his feelings, and with pure consciousness began to offer prayers to Lord Siva.

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