atas tavotpannam idam kalevaram
na dharayisye siti-kantha-garhinah
jagdhasya mohad dhi visuddhim andhaso
jugupsitasyoddharanam pracaksate
atahtherefore; tavafrom you; utpannamreceived; idamthis; kalevarambody; na dharayisyeI shall not bear; siti-kantha-garhinahwho have blasphemed Lord Siva; jagdhasyawhich has been eaten; mohatby mistake; hibecause; visuddhimthe purification; andhasahof food; jugupsitasyapoisonous; uddharanamvomiting; pracaksatedeclare.
Therefore I shall no longer bear this unworthy body, which has been received from you, who have blasphemed Lord Siva. If someone has taken food which is poisonous, the best treatment is to vomit.
Since Sati was the representation of the external potency of the Lord, it was in her power to vanquish many universes, including many Daksas, but in order to save her husband from the charge that he employed his wife, Sati, to kill Daksa because he could not do so due to his inferior position, she decided to give up her body.

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