tam agatam ta utthaya
pranipatyabhinandya ca
pujayitva yathadesam
sukhasinam athabruvan
tamto him; agatamappeared; teall the Pracetas; utthayaafter getting up; pranipatyaoffering obeisances; abhinandyaoffering welcome; caalso; pujayitvaworshiping; yatha adesamaccording to regulative principles; sukha-asinamcomfortably situated; athathus; abruvanthey said.
As soon as the Pracetas saw that the great sage Narada had appeared, they immediately got up even from their asanas. As required, they immediately offered obeisances and worshiped him, and when they saw that Narada Muni was properly seated, they began to ask him questions.
It is significant that all the Pracetas were engaged in practicing yoga to concentrate their minds on the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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