bhasmasat kriyamanams tan
druman viksya pitamahah
agatah samayam asa
putran barhismato nayaih
bhasmasatinto ashes; kriyamananbeing made; tanall of them; drumanthe trees; viksyaseeing; pitamahahLord Brahma; agatahcame there; samayam asapacified; putranthe sons; barhismatahof King Barhisman; nayaihby logic.
After seeing that all the trees on the surface of the earth were being turned to ashes, Lord Brahma immediately came to the sons of King Barhisman and pacified them with words of logic.
Whenever there is some uncommon occurrence on any planet, Lord Brahma, being in charge of the whole universe, immediately comes to control the situation. Lord Brahma also came when Hiranyakasipu underwent severe penances and austerities and made the whole universe tremble. A responsible man in any establishment is always alert to keep peace and harmony within the establishment. Similarly, Lord Brahma is also allowed to keep peace and harmony within this universe. He consequently pacified the sons of King Barhisman with good logic.

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