yad esa mapanga-vikhanditendriyam
tvayopasrsto bhagavan mano-bhavah
prabadhate thanugrhana sobhane
yatbecause; esahthis; mame; apangaby your glances; vikhanditaagitated; indriyamwhose senses or mind; sa-vridawith shyness; bhavaaffection; smitasmiling; vibhramatbewildering; bhruvawith eyebrows; tvayaby you; upasrstahbeing influenced; bhagavanthe most powerful; manah-bhavahcupid; prabadhateis harassing; athatherefore; anugrhanabe merciful; sobhaneO very beautiful one.
Certainly your glancing upon me today has very much agitated my mind. Your smile, which is full of shyness but at the same time lusty, is agitating the most powerful cupid within me. Therefore, O most beautiful, I ask you to be merciful upon me.
Everyone has lusty desires within, and as soon as one is agitated by the movement of a beautiful womans eyebrows, the cupid within immediately throws his arrow at the heart. Thus one is quickly conquered by the eyebrows of a beautiful woman. When one is agitated by lusty desires, his senses are attracted by all kinds of visaya (enjoyable things like sound, touch, form, smell and taste). These attractive sense objects oblige one to come under the control of a woman. In this way the conditional life of a living entity begins. Conditional life means being under the control of a woman, and certainly the living entity is always at the mercy of a woman or a man. Thus living entities live in bondage to one another, and thus they continue this conditional, material life illusioned by maya.

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