sunasam sudatim balam
sukapolam varananam
bibhratim kundala-sriyam
su-nasam—very beautiful nose; su-datim—very beautiful teeth; balam—the young woman; su-kapolam—nice forehead; vara-ananam—beautiful face; sama—equally; vinyasta—arranged; karnabhyam—both ears; bibhratim—dazzling; kundala-sriyam—having beautiful earrings.
The woman’s nose, teeth and forehead were all very beautiful. Her ears were equally very beautiful and were bedecked with dazzling earrings.
The body of intelligence enjoys the objects of sense gratification that cover it, such as smell, vision and hearing. The word sunasam (“beautiful nose”) indicates the organ for acquiring knowledge by smell. Similarly, the mouth is the instrument for acquiring knowledge by taste, for by chewing an object and touching it with the tongue we can understand its taste. The word sukapolam (“nice forehead”) indicates a clear brain capable of understanding things as they are. By intelligence one can set things in order. The earrings set upon the two ears are placed there by the work of the intelligence. Thus the ways of acquiring knowledge are described metaphorically.

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