ko nv asya kirtim na srnoty abhijno
yad-vikramocchistam asesa-bhupah
lokah sa-pala upajivanti kamam
adyapi tan me vada karma suddham
kahwho; nubut; asyaKing Prthu; kirtimglorious activities; na srnotidoes not hear; abhijnahintelligent; yathis; vikramachivalry; ucchistamremnants; asesainnumerable; bhupahkings; lokahplanets; sa-palahwith their demigods; upajivantiexecute livelihood; kamamdesired objects; adya apiup to that; tatthat; meunto me; vadaplease speak; karmaactivities; suddhamauspicious.
Prthu Maharaja was so great in his activities and magnanimous in his method of ruling that all the kings and demigods on the various planets still follow in his footsteps. Who is there who will not try to hear about his glorious activities? I wish to hear more and more about Prthu Maharaja because his activities are so pious and auspicious.
Saint Viduras purpose in hearing about Prthu Maharaja over and over again was to set an example for ordinary kings and executive heads, who should all be inclined to hear repeatedly about Prthu Maharajas activities in order to also be able to rule over their kingdoms or states very faithfully for the peace and prosperity of the people in general. Unfortunately, at the present moment no one cares to hear about Prthu Maharaja or to follow in his footsteps; therefore no nation in the world is either happy or progressive in spiritual understanding, although that is the sole aim and objective of human life.

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