ity amantrya kratu-patim
vidurasyartvijo rusa
srug-ghastan juhvato ’bhyetya
svayambhuh pratyasedhata
iti—thus; amantrya—after informing; kratu-patim—King Prthu, the master of the sacrifice; vidura—O Vidura; asya—of Prthu; rtvijah—the priests; rusa—in great anger; sruk-hastan—with the sacrificial ladle in hand; juhvatah—performing the fire sacrifice; abhyetya—having begun; svayambhuh—Lord Brahma; pratyasedhata—asked them to stop.
My dear Vidura, after giving the King this advice, the priests who had been engaged in performing the sacrifice called for Indra, the King of heaven, in a mood of great anger. When they were just ready to put the oblation in the fire, Lord Brahma appeared on the scene and forbade them to start the sacrifice.

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