na vadhyo bhavatam indro
yad yajno bhagavat-tanuh
yam jighamsatha yajnena
yasyestas tanavah surah
nanot; vadhyahought to be killed; bhavatamby all of you; indrahthe King of heaven; yatbecause; yajnaha name of Indra; bhagavat-tanuhpart of the body of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; yamwhom; jighamsathayou wish to kill; yajnenaby performing sacrifice; yasyaof Indra; istahbeing worshiped; tanavahparts of the body; surahthe demigods.
Lord Brahma addressed them thus: My dear sacrificial performers, you cannot kill Indra, the King of heaven. It is not your duty. You should know that Indra is as good as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Indeed, he is one of the most powerful assistants of the Personality of Godhead. You are trying to satisfy all the demigods by the performance of this yajna, but you should know that all these demigods are but parts and parcels of Indra, the King of heaven. How, then, can you kill him in this great sacrifice?

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