curnayan sva-dhanus-kotya
giri-kutani raja-rat
bhu-mandalam idam vainyah
prayas cakre samam vibhuh
curnayanmaking into pieces; svahis own; dhanuh-kotyaby the power of his bow; giriof the hills; kutanithe tops; raja-ratthe emperor; bhu-mandalamthe whole earth; idamthis; vainyahthe son of Vena; prayahalmost; cakremade; samamlevel; vibhuhthe powerful.
After this, the king of all kings, Maharaja Prthu, leveled all rough places on the surface of the globe by breaking up the hills with the strength of his bow. By his grace the surface of the globe almost became flat.
Generally the mountainous and hilly portions of the earth are made flat by the striking of thunderbolts. Generally this is the business of King Indra of the heavenly planets, but King Prthu, an incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, did not wait for King Indra to break up the hills and mountains but did so himself by using his strong bow.

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