athasmin bhagavan vainyah
prajanam vrttidah pita
nivasan kalpayam cakre
tatra tatra yatharhatah
athathus; asminon this planet earth; bhagavanthe Personality of Godhead; vainyahson of Vena; prajanamof the citizens; vrttidahwho supplies employment; pitaa father; nivasanresidences; kalpayamsuitable; cakremake; tatra tatrahere and there; yathaas; arhatahdesirable, suitable.
To all the citizens of the state, King Prthu was as good as a father. Thus he was visibly engaged in giving them proper subsistence and proper employment for subsistence. After leveling the surface of the globe, he earmarked different places for residential quarters, inasmuch as they were desirable.

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