tato mahīpatiḥ prītaḥ
sarva-kāma-dughāṁ pṛthuḥ
duhitṛtve cakāremāṁ
premṇā duhitṛ-vatsalaḥ
tataḥ—thereafter; mahī-patiḥ—the King; prītaḥ—being pleased; sarva-kāma—all desirables; dughām—producing as milk; pṛthuḥ—King Pṛthu; duhitṛtve—treating as his daughter; cakāra—did; imām—unto the planet earth; premṇā—out of affection; duhitṛ-vatsalaḥ—affectionate to his daughter.
Thereafter King Pṛthu was very satisfied with the planet earth, for she sufficiently supplied all food to various living entities. Thus he developed an affection for the planet earth, just as if she were his own daughter.

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