evam prthv-adayah prthvim
annadah svannam atmanah
ksira-bhedam kurudvaha
evam—thus; prthu-adayah—King Prthu and others; prthvim—the earth; anna-adah—all living entities desiring food; su-annam—their desired foodstuff; atmanah—for self-preservation; doha—for milking; vatsa-adi—by calves, pots and milkers; bhedena—different; ksira—milk; bhedam—different; kuru-udvaha—O chief of the Kurus.
My dear Vidura, chief of the Kurus, in this way King Prthu and all the others who subsist on food created different types of calves and milked out their respective eatables. Thus they received their various foodstuffs, which were symbolized as milk.

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