hanyatam hanyatam esa
papah prakrti-darunah
jivan jagad asav asu
kurute bhasmasad dhruvam
hanyatamkill him; hanyatamkill him; esahthis king; papahrepresentative of sin; prakrtiby nature; darunahmost dreadful; jivanwhile living; jagatthe whole world; asauhe; asuvery soon; kurutewill make; bhasmasatinto ashes; dhruvamcertainly.
All the great saintly sages immediately cried: Kill him! Kill him! He is the most dreadful, sinful person. If he lives, he will certainly turn the whole world into ashes in no time.
Saintly persons are generally very kind to all kinds of living entities, but they are not unhappy when a serpent or a scorpion is killed. It is not good for saintly persons to kill, but they are encouraged to kill demons, who are exactly like serpents and scorpions. Therefore all the saintly sages decided to kill King Vena, who was so dreadful and dangerous to all human society. We can appreciate the extent to which the saintly sages actually controlled the king. If the king or government becomes demonic, it is the duty of a saintly person to upset the government and replace it with deserving persons who follow the orders and instructions of saintly persons.

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