nayam arhaty asad-vrtto
yo ’dhiyajna-patim visnum
vinindaty anapatrapah
na—never; ayam—this man; arhati—deserves; asat-vrttah—full of impious activities; nara-deva—of the worldly king or worldly god; vara-asanam—the exalted throne; yah—he who; adhiyajna-patim—the master of all sacrifices; visnum—Lord Visnu; vinindati—insults; anapatrapah—shameless.
The saintly sages continued: This impious, impudent man does not deserve to sit on the throne at all. He is so shameless that he even dared insult the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Visnu.
One should not at any time tolerate blasphemy and insults against Lord Visnu or His devotees. A devotee is generally very humble and meek, and he is reluctant to pick a quarrel with anyone. Nor does he envy anyone. However, a pure devotee immediately becomes fiery with anger when he sees that Lord Visnu or His devotee is insulted. This is the duty of a devotee. Although a devotee maintains an attitude of meekness and gentleness, it is a great fault on his part if he remains silent when the Lord or His devotee is blasphemed.

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