maitreya uvaca
ittham viparyaya-matih
papiyan utpatham gatah
anuniyamanas tad-yacnam
na cakre bhrasta-mangalah
maitreyah uvaca—Maitreya said; ittham—thus; viparyaya-matih—one who has developed perverse intelligence; papiyan—most sinful; utpatham—from the right path; gatah—having gone; anuniyamanah—being offered all respect; tat-yacnam—the request of the sages; na—not; cakre—accepted; bhrasta—bereft of; mangalah—all good fortune.
The great sage Maitreya continued: Thus the King, who became unintelligent due to his sinful life and deviation from the right path, became actually bereft of all good fortune. He could not accept the requests of the great sages, which the sages put before him with great respect, and therefore he was condemned.
The demons certainly cannot have any faith in the words of authorities. In fact, they are always disrespectful to authorities. They manufacture their own religious principles and disobey great personalities like Vyasa, Narada, and even the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna. As soon as one disobeys authority, he immediately becomes very sinful and loses his good fortune. The King was so puffed up and impudent that he dared disrespect the great saintly personalities, and this brought him ruination.

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