tasman mam karmabhir vipra
yajadhvam gata-matsarah
balim ca mahyam harata
matto ’nyah ko ’gra-bhuk puman
tasmat—for this reason; mam—me; karmabhih—by ritualistic activities; viprah—O brahmanas; yajadhvam—worship; gata—without; matsarah—being envious; balim—paraphernalia for worship; ca—also; mahyam—unto me; harata—bring; mattah—than me; anyah—other; kah—who (is); agra-bhuk—the enjoyer of the first oblations; puman—personality.
King Vena continued: For this reason, O brahmanas, you should abandon your envy of me, and, by your ritualistic activities, you should worship me and offer me all paraphernalia. If you are intelligent, you should know that there is no personality superior to me, who can accept the first oblations of all sacrifices.
As stated by Krsna Himself throughout Bhagavad-gita, there is no truth superior to Him. King Vena was imitating the Supreme Personality of Godhead and was also speaking out of false pride, presenting himself as the Supreme Lord. These are all characteristics of a demonic person.

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