vijnaya nirvidya gatam patim prajah
vicikyur urvyam atisoka-katara
yatha nigudham purusam kuyoginah
vijnayaafter understanding; nirvidyabeing indifferent; gatamhad left; patimthe King; prajahall the citizens; purohitapriests; amatyaministers; suhrtfriends; gana-adayahand people in general; vicikyuhsearched; urvyamon the earth; ati-soka-katarahbeing greatly aggrieved; yathajust as; nigudhamconcealed; purusamthe Supersoul; ku-yoginahinexperienced mystics.
When it was understood that the King had indifferently left home, all the citizens, priests, ministers, friends, and people in general were greatly aggrieved. They began to search for him all over the world, just as a less experienced mystic searches out the Supersoul within himself.
The example of searching for the Supersoul within the heart by the less intelligent mystics is very instructive. The Absolute Truth is understood in three different features, namely impersonal Brahman, localized Paramatma, and the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Such kuyoginah, or less intelligent mystics, can by mental speculation reach the point of the impersonal Brahman, but they cannot find the Supersoul, who is sitting within each living entity. When the King left, it was certain that he was staying somewhere else, but because the citizens did not know how to find him they were frustrated like the less intelligent mystics.

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