yatah papiyasi kirtir
adharmas ca mahan nrnam
yato virodhah sarvesam
yata adhir anantakah
yatah—on account of a bad son; papiyasi—sinful; kirtih—reputation; adharmah—irreligion; ca—also; mahan—great; nrnam—of men; yatah—from which; virodhah—quarrel; sarvesam—of all people; yatah—from which; adhih—anxiety; anantakah—endless.
A sinful son causes a personís reputation to vanish. His irreligious activities at home cause irreligion and quarrel among everyone, and this creates only endless anxiety.
It is said that a married couple must have a son, otherwise their family life is void. But a son born without good qualities is as good as a blind eye. A blind eye has no use for seeing, but it is simply unbearably painful. The King therefore thought himself very unfortunate to have such a bad son.

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