iti bruvams citra-rathah sva-sarathim
yattah paresam pratiyoga-sankitah
susrava sabdam jaladher iveritam
nabhasvato diksu rajo ’nvadrsyata
iti—thus; bruvan—talking; citra-rathahDhruva Maharaja, whose chariot was very beautiful; sva-sarathim—to his charioteer; yattah—being on guard; paresam—from his enemies; pratiyoga—counterattack; sankitah—being apprehensive; susrava—heard; sabdam—sound; jaladheh—from the ocean; iva—as if; iritam—resounded; nabhasvatah—because of wind; diksu—in all directions; rajah—dust; anu—then; adrsyata—was perceived.
In the meantime, while Dhruva Maharaja, doubtful of his mystic enemies, was talking with his charioteer, they heard a tremendous sound, as if the whole ocean were there, and they found that from the sky a great dust storm was coming over them from all directions.

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