dhanur visphūrjayan divyaṁ
dviṣatāṁ khedam udvahan
astraughaṁ vyadhamad bāṇair
ghanānīkam ivānilaḥ
dhanuḥ—his bow; visphūrjayan—twanging; divyam—wonderful; dviṣatām—of the enemies; khedam—lamentation; udvahan—creating; astra-ogham—different types of weapons; vyadhamat—he scattered; bāṇaiḥ—with his arrows; ghana—of clouds; anīkam—an army; iva—like; anilaḥ—the wind.
Dhruva Mahārāja’s bow and arrows twanged and hissed, causing lamentation in the hearts of his enemies. He began to shoot incessant arrows, shattering all their different weapons, just as the blasting wind scatters the assembled clouds in the sky.

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