te pi camum amrsyantah
pada-sparsam ivoragah
sarair avidhyan yugapad
dvi-gunam pracikirsavah
tethe Yaksas; apialso; caand; amumat Dhruva; amrsyantahbeing intolerant of; pada-sparsambeing touched by the feet; ivalike; uragahserpents; saraihwith arrows; avidhyanstruck; yugapatsimultaneously; dvi-gunamtwice as much; pracikirsavahtrying to retaliate.
Just like serpents, who cannot tolerate being trampled upon by anyones feet, the Yaksas, being intolerant of the wonderful prowess of Dhruva Maharaja, threw twice as many arrowssix from each of their soldiersand thus they very valiantly exhibited their prowess.

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