preksam ksipantam haritopaladreh
sandhyabhra-niver uru-rukma-murdhnah
vana-srajo venu-bhujanghripanghreh
preksamthe panorama; ksipantamderiding; haritagreen; upalacoral; adrehof the hell; sandhya-abhra-nivehof the dress of the evening sky; urugreat; rukmagold; murdhnahon the summit; ratnajewels; udadharawaterfalls; ausadhiherbs; saumanasyaof the scenery; vana-srajahflower garland; venudress; bhujahands; anghripatrees; anghrehlegs.
The luster of the transcendental body of the Lord mocked the beauty of the coral mountain. The coral mountain is very beautifully dressed by the evening sky, but the yellow dress of the Lord mocked its beauty. There is gold on the summit of the mountain, but the Lords helmet, bedecked with jewels, mocked it. The mountains waterfalls, herbs, etc., with a panorama of flowers, seem like garlands, but the Lords gigantic body, and His hands and legs, decorated with jewels, pearls, tulasi leaves and flower garlands, mocked the scene on the mountain.
The panoramic beauty of nature, which strikes one with wonder, may be taken as a perverted reflection of the transcendental body of the Lord. One who is therefore attracted by the beauty of the Lord is no longer attracted by the beauty of material nature, although he does not minimize its beauty. In Bhagavad-gita (2.59) it is described that one who is attracted by param, the Supreme, is no longer attracted by anything inferior.

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