ayamato vistaratah sva-mana-
dehena loka-traya-sangrahena
ayamatah—by length; vistaratah—by breadth; sva-mana—by His own measurement; dehena—by the transcendental body; loka-traya—the three (upper, middle and lower) planetary systems; sangrahena—by total absorption; vicitra—variegated; divya—transcendental; abharana-amsukanam—rays of the ornaments; krta-sriya apasrita—beauty created by those dresses and ornaments; vesa—dressed; deham—transcendental body.
His transcendental body, unlimited in length and breadth, occupied the three planetary systems, upper, middle and lower. His body was self-illuminated by unparalleled dress and variegatedness and was properly ornamented.
The length and breadth of the transcendental body of the Supreme Personality of Godhead could only be measured by His own measurement because He is all-pervading throughout the complete cosmic manifestation. The beauty of material nature is due to His personal beauty, yet He is always magnificently dressed and ornamented to prove His transcendental variegatedness, which is so important in the advancement of spiritual knowledge.

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