yam ahur adyam purusam
yatra visva ime lokah
sa-vikasam ta asate
yamwho; ahuhis called; adyamoriginal; purusamincarnation for cosmic manifestation; sahasrathousand; anghrilegs; uruthighs; bahukamhands; yatrawherein; visvahthe universe; imeall these; lokahplanets; sa-vikasamwith respective developments; teall of them; asateliving.
The purusa incarnation lying on the Causal Ocean is called the original purusa in the material creations, and in His virat form, in whom all the planets and their inhabitants live, He has many thousands of legs and hands.
The first purusa is Karanodakasayi Visnu, the second purusa is Garbhodakasayi Visnu, and the third purusa is Ksirodakasayi Visnu, in whom is contemplated the virat-purusa, the gigantic form in which all the planets with their different developments and inhabitants are floating.

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