srstvagre mahad-adini
sa-vikarany anukramat
tebhyo virajam uddhrtya
tam anu pravisad vibhuh
srstva—after creating; agre—in the beginning; mahat-adini—the total material energy; sa-vikarani—along with the sense organs; anukramat—by a gradual process of differentiation; tebhyah—out of that; virajam—the gigantic universal form; uddhrtya—manifesting; tam—unto that; anu—later; pravisat—entered; vibhuh—the Supreme.
After creating the total material energy, the mahat-tattva, and thereby manifesting the gigantic universal form with senses and sense organs, the Supreme Lord entered within it.
Fully satisfied by the answers of the sage Maitreya, Vidura wanted to understand the remaining portions of the creative function of the Lord, and he took the clue from the previous topics.

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