sa visva-janma-sthiti-samyamarthe
krtavatarah pragrhita-saktih
cakara karmany atipurusani
yanisvarah kirtaya tani mahyam
sah—the Personality of Godhead; visva—universe; janma—creation; sthiti—maintenance; samyama-arthe—with a view to perfect control; krta—accepted; avatarah—incarnation; pragrhita—accomplished with; saktih—potency; cakara—performed; karmani—transcendental activities; ati-purusani—superhuman; yani—all those; isvarah—the Lord; kirtaya—please chant; tani—all those; mahyam—unto me.
Kindly chant all those superhuman transcendental activities of the supreme controller, the Personality of Godhead, who accepted incarnations fully equipped with all potency for the full manifestation and maintenance of the cosmic creation.
Vidura was undoubtedly very eager to hear about Lord Krsna in particular, but he was overwhelmed because Lord Krsna had just passed away from the visible world. He therefore wanted to hear about Him in His purusa incarnations, which He manifests with full potencies for the creation and maintenance of the cosmic world. The activities of the purusa incarnations are but an extension of the activities of the Lord. This hint was given by Vidura to Maitreya because Maitreya could not decide which part of the activities of Lord Krsna should he chanted.

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