tad asya kausarava sarma-datur
hareh katham eva kathasu saram
uddhrtya puspebhya ivarta-bandho
sivaya nah kirtaya tirtha-kirteh
tattherefore; asyaHis; kausaravaO Maitreya; sarma-datuhof one who awards good fortune; harehof the Lord; kathamtopics; evaonly; kathasuof all topics; saramthe essence; uddhrtyaby quoting; puspebhyahfrom the flowers; ivalike that; arta-bandhoO friend of the distressed; sivayafor welfare; nahof us; kirtayakindly describe; tirthapilgrimage; kirtehof glorious.
O Maitreya, O friend of the distressed, the glories of the Supreme Lord can alone do good for people all over the world. Therefore, just as bees collect honey from flowers, kindly describe the essence of all topicsthe topics of the Lord.
There are many topics for different persons in different modes of material nature, but the essential topics are those in relationship with the Supreme Lord. Unfortunately, materially affected conditioned souls are all more or less averse to topics of the Supreme Lord because some of them do not believe in the existence of Cod and some of them believe only in the impersonal feature of the Lord. In both cases there is nothing for them to say of God. Both the nonbelievers and the impersonalists deny the essence of all topics; therefore, they engage in topics of relativity in various ways, either in sense gratification or in mental speculation. For the pure devotees like Vidura, the topics of both the mundaners and the mental speculators are useless in all respects. Thus Vidura requested Maitreya to talk of the essence only, the talks of Krsna, and nothing else.

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