sri-suka uvaca
sa evam bhagavan prstah
ksattra kausaravo munih
pumsam nihsreyasarthena
tam aha bahu-manayan
sri-sukah uvaca—Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said; sah—he; evam—thus; bhagavan—the great sage; prstah—being requested; ksattra—by Vidura; kausaravah—Maitreya; munih—the great sage; pumsam—for all people; nihsreyasa—for the greatest welfare; arthena—for that; tam—unto him; aha—narrated; bahu—greatly; manayan—honoring.
Sukadeva Gosvami said: The great sage Maitreya Muni, after honoring Vidura very greatly, began to speak, at Vidura’s request, for the greatest welfare of all people.
The great sage Maitreya Muni is described here as bhagavan because he surpassed all ordinary human beings in learning and experience. Thus his selection of the greatest welfare service for the world is considered authoritative. The all-inclusive welfare service for the entire human society is devotional service to the Lord, and, as requested by Vidura, the sage described the same very appropriately.

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