tad-dehah paratah poso
py akrsas cadhy-asambhavat
babhau malair avacchannah
sadhuma iva pavakah
tat-dehahher body; paratahby others (the damsels created by Kardama); posahmaintained; apialthough; akrsahnot thin; caand; adhianxiety; asambhavatfrom not occurring; babhaushone; malaihby dust; avacchannahcovered; sa-dhumahsurrounded with smoke; ivalike; pavakaha fire.
Her body was being taken care of by the spiritual damsels created by her husband, Kardama, and since she had no mental anxiety at that time, her body did not become thin. She appeared just like a fire surrounded by smoke.
Because she was always in trance in transcendental bliss, the thought of the Personality of Godhead was always carefully fixed in her mind. She did not become thin, for she was taken care of by the celestial maidservants created by her husband. It is said, according to the Ayur-vedic medical science, that if one is free from anxieties he generally becomes fat. Devahuti, being situated in Krsna consciousness, had no mental anxieties, and therefore her body did not become thin. It is customary in the renounced order of life that one should not take any service from a servant or maid, but Devahuti was being served by the celestial maidservants. This may appear to be against the spiritual concept of life, but just as fire is still beautiful even when surrounded by smoke, she looked completely pure although it seemed that she was living in a luxurious way.

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