asam muhurta ekasmin
nanagaresu yositam
sa-vidham jagrhe panin
anurupah sva-mayaya
asam—all those; muhurte—at one time; ekasmin—simultaneously; nana-agaresu—in different compartments; yositam—of the women; sa-vidham—with perfect rituals; jagrhe—accepted; panin—hands; anurupah—exactly to match; sva-mayaya—by His internal potency.
All those princesses were lodged in different apartments, and the Lord simultaneously assumed different bodily expansions exactly matching each and every princess. He accepted their hands in perfect rituals by His internal potency.
In the Brahma-samhita (5.33) the Lord is described as follows in regard to His innumerable plenary expansions:
“The Lord, Govinda, whom I worship, is the original Personality of Godhead. He is nondifferent from His innumerable plenary expansions, who are all infallible, original and unlimited and who have eternal forms. Although He is primeval, the oldest personality, He is always fresh and young.” By His internal potency the Lord can expand Himself into various personalities of svayam-prakasa and again into prabhava and vaibhava forms, and all of them are nondifferent from one another. The forms into which the Lord expanded to marry the princesses in different apartments were all slightly different just to match each and every one of them. They are called vaibhava-vilasa forms of the Lord and are effected by His internal potency, yoga-maya.

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