tatrahrtas ta nara-deva-kanyah
kujena drstva harim arta-bandhum
utthaya sadyo jagrhuh praharsa-
tatra—inside the house of Narakasura; ahrtah—kidnapped; tah—all those; nara-deva-kanyah—daughters of many kings; kujena—by the demon; drstva—by seeing; harim—the Lord; arta-bandhum—the friend of the distressed; utthaya—at once got up; sadyah—then and there; jagrhuh—accepted; praharsa—joyfully; vrida—shyness; anuraga—attachment; prahita-avalokaih—by eager glances.
There in the house of the demon, all the princesses kidnapped by Narakasura at once became alert upon seeing the Lord, the friend of the distressed. They looked upon Him with eagerness, joy and shyness and offered to be His wives.
Narakasura kidnapped many daughters of great kings and kept them imprisoned in his palace. But when he was killed by the Lord and the Lord entered the house of the demon, all the princesses were enlivened with joy and offered to become His wives because the Lord is the only friend of the distressed. Unless the Lord accepted them, there would be no chance of their being married because the demon kidnapped them from their fathers’ custody and therefore no one would agree to marry them. According to Vedic society, girls are transferred from the custody of the father to the custody of the husband. Since these princesses had already been taken away from the custody of their fathers, it would have been difficult for them to have any husband other than the Lord Himself.

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