dhyanayanam prahasitam bahuladharostha-
dhyayet svadeha-kuhare vasitasya visnor
bhaktyardrayarpita-mana na prthag didrkset
dhyana-ayanameasily meditated upon; prahasitamthe laughter; bahulaabundant; adhara-osthaof His lips; bhasaby the splendor; arunayitarendered rosy; tanusmall; dvijateeth; kunda-panktilike a row of jasmine buds; dhyayethe should meditate upon; sva-deha-kuharein the core of his heart; avasitasyawho resides; visnohof Visnu; bhaktyawith devotion; ardrayasteeped in love; arpita-manahhis mind being fixed; nanot; prthakanything else; didrksethe should desire to see.
With devotion steeped in love and affection, the yogi should meditate within the core of his heart upon the laughter of Lord Visnu. The laughter of Visnu is so captivating that it can be easily meditated upon. When the Supreme Lord is laughing, one can see His small teeth, which resemble jasmine buds rendered rosy by the splendor of His lips. Once devoting his mind to this, the yogi should no longer desire to see anything else.
It is recommended that the yogi visualize the laughter of the Lord after studying His smile very carefully. These particular descriptions of meditation on the smile, laughter, face, lips and teeth all indicate conclusively that God is not impersonal. It is described herein that one should meditate on the laughter or smiling of Visnu. There is no other activity that can completely cleanse the heart of the devotee. The exceptional beauty of the laughter of Lord Visnu is that when He smiles His small teeth, which resemble the buds of jasmine flowers, at once become reddish, reflecting His rosy lips. If the yogi is able to place the beautiful face of the Lord in the core of his heart, he will be completely satisfied. In other words, when one is absorbed in seeing the beauty of the Lord within himself, the material attraction can no longer disturb him.

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