hasam harer avanatakhila-loka-tivra-
sokasru-sagara-visosanam atyudaram
sammohanaya racitam nija-mayayasya
bhru-mandalam muni-krte makara-dhvajasya
hasamthe smile; harehof Lord Sri Hari; avanatabowed; akhilaall; lokafor persons; tivra-sokacaused by intense grief; asru-sagarathe ocean of tears; visosanamdrying up; ati-udarammost benevolent; sammohanayafor charming; racitammanifested; nija-mayayaby His internal potency; asyaHis; bhru-mandalamarched eyebrows; muni-krtefor the good of the sages; makara-dhvajasyaof the sex-god.
A yogi should similarly meditate on the most benevolent smile of Lord Sri Hari, a smile which, for all those who bow to Him, dries away the ocean of tears caused by intense grief. The yogi should also meditate on the Lords arched eyebrows, which are manifested by His internal potency in order to charm the sex-god for the good of the sages.
The entire universe is full of miseries, and therefore the inhabitants of this material universe are always shedding tears out of intense grief. There is a great ocean of water made from such tears, but for one who surrenders unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the ocean of tears is at once dried up. One need only see the charming smile of the Supreme Lord. In other words, the bereavement of material existence immediately subsides when one sees the charming smile of the Lord.
It is stated in this verse that the charming eyebrows of the Lord are so fascinating that they cause one to forget the charms of sense attraction. The conditioned souls are shackled to material existence because they are captivated by the charms of sense gratification, especially sex life. The sex-god is called Makara-dhvaja. The charming brows of the Supreme Personality of Godhead protect the sages and devotees from being charmed by material lust and sex attraction. Yamunacarya, a great acarya, said that ever since he had seen the charming pastimes of the Lord, the charms of sex life had become abominable for him, and the mere thought of sex enjoyment would cause him to spit and turn his face. Thus if anyone wants to be aloof from sex attraction, he must see the charming smile and fascinating eyebrows of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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