patim sa pravrajisyantam
tadalaksyosati bahih
smayamana viklavena
hrdayena viduyata
patim—her husband; sa—she; pravrajisyantam—going to leave home; tada—then; alaksya—after seeing; usati—beautiful; bahih—outwardly; smayamana—smiling; viklavena—agitated; hrdayena—with a heart; viduyata—being distressed.
When she saw her husband about to leave home, she smiled externally, but at heart she was agitated and distressed.
Kardama Muni finished his household affairs quickly by his mystic power. The building of the castle in the air, traveling all over the universe with his wife in the company of beautiful girls, and begetting of children were finished, and now, according to his promise to leave home for his real concern of spiritual realization after impregnating his wife, he was about to go away. Seeing her husband about to leave, Devahuti was very disturbed, but to satisfy her husband she was smiling. The example of Kardama Muni should be understood very clearly; a person whose main concern is Krsna consciousness, even if he is entrapped in household life, should always be ready to leave household enticement as soon as possible.

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