likhanty adho-mukhi bhumim
pada nakha-mani-sriya
uvaca lalitam vacam
nirudhyasru-kalam sanaih
likhanti—scratching; adhah-mukhi—her head bent down; bhumim—the ground; pada—with her foot; nakha—nails; mani—gemlike; sriya—with radiant; uvaca—she spoke; lalitam—charming; vacam—accents; nirudhya—suppressing; asru-kalam—tears; sanaih—slowly.
She stood and scratched the ground with her foot, which was radiant with the luster of her gemlike nails. Her head bent down, she spoke in slow yet charming accents, suppressing her tears.
Devahuti was so beautiful that her toenails appeared just like pearls, and as she scratched the ground it appeared as if pearls had been thrown on the ground. When a woman scratches the ground with her foot, it is a sign that her mind is very disturbed. These signs were sometimes exhibited by the gopis before Krsna. When the gopis came in the dead of night and Krsna asked them to return to their homes, the gopis also scratched the ground like this because their minds were very disturbed.

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