sudata subhruva slaksna-
snigdhapangena caksusa
padma-kosa-sprdha nilair
alakais ca lasan-mukham
su-data—with beautiful teeth; su-bhruva—with charming eyebrows; slaksna—lovely; snigdha—moist; apangena—corners of eyes; caksusa—with eyes; padma-kosa—lotus buds; sprdha—defeating; nilaih—bluish; alakaih—with curling hair; ca—and; lasat—shining; mukham—countenance.
Her countenance shone, with beautiful teeth and charming eyebrows. Her eyes, distinguished by lovely moist corners, defeated the beauty of lotus buds. Her face was surrounded by dark curling tresses.
According to Vedic culture, white teeth are very much appreciated. Devahutiís white teeth increased the beauty of her face and made it look like a lotus flower. When a face looks very attractive, the eyes are generally compared to lotus petals and the face to a lotus flower.

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