sronyor adhyastaya kancya
kancanya bahu-ratnaya
harena ca maharhena
rucakena ca bhusitam
sronyoh—on the hips; adhyastaya—worn; kancya—with a girdle; kancanya—made of gold; bahu-ratnaya—decorated with numerous jewels; harena—with a pearl necklace; ca—and; maha-arhena—precious; rucakena—with auspicious substances; ca—and; bhusitam—adorned.
About her hips she wore a girdle of gold, set with numerous jewels, and she was further adorned with a precious pearl necklace and auspicious substances.
Auspicious substances include saffron, kunkuma and sandalwood pulp. Before taking a bath there are other auspicious substances, such as turmeric mixed with mustard seed oil, which are smeared all over the body. All kinds of auspicious substances were used to bathe Devahuti from top to toe.

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