yada sasmara rsabham
rsinam dayitam patim
tatra caste saha stribhir
yatraste sa prajapatih
yadawhen; sasmarashe thought of; rsabhamthe foremost; rsinamamong the rsis; dayitamdear; patimhusband; tatrathere; caand; asteshe was present; sahaalong with; stribhihthe maidservants; yatrawhere; astewas present; sahhe; prajapatihthe Prajapati (Kardama).
When she thought of her great husband, the best of the sages, Kardama Muni, who was very dear to her, she, along with all the maidservants, at once appeared where he was.
It appears from this verse that in the beginning Devahuti thought herself to be dirty and dressed in a very niggardly way. When her husband asked her to enter the lake, she saw the maidservants, and they took care of her. Everything was done within the water, and as soon as she thought of her beloved husband, Kardama, she was brought before him without delay. These are some of the powers attained by perfect yogis; they can immediately execute anything they desire.

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