sa tad bhartuh samadaya
vacah kuvalayeksana
sarajam bibhrati vaso
veni-bhutams ca murdhajan
sashe; tatthen; bhartuhof her husband; samadayaaccepting; vacahthe words; kuvalaya-iksanathe lotus-eyed; sa-rajamdirty; bibhratiwearing; vasahclothing; veni-bhutanmatted; caand; murdha-janhair.
The lotus-eyed Devahuti accepted the order of her husband. Because of her dirty dress and the locks of matted hair on her head, she did not look very attractive.
It appears that Devahutis hair had remained uncombed for many years and had become complicated in tangles. In other words, she neglected her bodily dress and comforts to engage in the service of her husband.

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