nimajjyasmin hrade bhiru
vimanam idam aruha
idam sukla-krtam tirtham
asisam yapakam nrnam
nimajjyaafter bathing; asminin this; hradein the lake; bhiruO fearful one; vimanamairplane; idamthis; aruhaascend; idamthis; sukla-krtamcreated by Lord Visnu; tirthamsacred lake; asisamthe desires; yapakambestowing; nrnamof human beings.
My dear Devahuti, you look very much afraid. First bathe in Lake Bindu-sarovara, created by Lord Visnu Himself, which can grant all the desires of a human being, and then mount this airplane.
It is still the system to go to places of pilgrimage and take a bath in the water there. In Vrndavana the people take baths in the River Yamuna. In other places, such as Prayaga, they take baths in the River Ganges. The words tirtham asisam yapakam refer to the fulfillment of desires by bathing in a place of pilgrimage. Kardama Muni advised his good wife to bathe in Lake Bindu-sarovara so that she could revive the former beauty and luster of her body.

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